1.4 Document Outline

In this work, mainly insulating surfaces for two different instruments were investigated: start- and stop surfaces for use in the NPD sensor of the ASPERA-3 instrument and ionization surfaces for use in the prototype of NICE. A brief overview of these two sensor types is given in Chapter 1. The experimental setup used to investigate the surface properties and a description of the investigated surfaces themselves are presented in Chapter 2. Data about the secondary electron yield upon reflection of a neutral particle are presented in Chapter 3. Angular scattering and the resulting reflection efficiencies are shown in Chapter 4. In Chapter 5, the ionization efficiency of different surfaces is investigated with an emphasis on a polished magnesium oxide surface. In the final Chapter 6 first laboratory results obtained from a next generation prototype of a neutral particle instrument are presented.

March 2001 - Martin Wieser, Physikalisches Institut, University of Berne, Switzerland